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Hopper Hideaway
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The Hopper Hideaway is a unique concept in small animal playhouses. The versatile design allows you to expand the Hideaway indefinitely in any configuration you'd like. In the basic configuration (pictured), two cardboard houses are joined by a tunnel in between. The houses have openings on all four sides in which additional tunnels can be inserted. The tunnels notch securely into the houses, and have a swinging door in the middle for more run-through fun.

Wouldn't your bunny look adorable peeking his/her head out from under the "Kissing Booth" sign?

The starter Hopper Hideaway set here includes two houses and one tunnel (as pictured); you can purchase additional houses and tunnels separately to make a larger play toy for your furry friend. Make a long straight line down a hallway, or a maze through the bunny room. The only limitation is your imagination!

Ships flat.

Houses: 14" square; openings are 9" x 8"
Tunnel: 18" long by 9" high x 8" deep
Total lengh as pictured: 46"

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Hopper Hideaway
Hopper Hideaway

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