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Cats & Rabbits Together
Did you know that cats and rabbits, in a domestic indoor setting, typically get along fine?

Here are some links to websites with more information: 
Here are some stories and pictures shared on Facebook:

From Amy: Salem and Joy love hanging out near each other when Joy has run time in the living room. 

From Kathy: Gabe, the tripod bunny, with Ellie (laying against him) and Nicolas sitting nearby.
Benita: "Toby (bun) and Moses like to relax near each other."

From Matt: Bruno & KC adore each other!
Judy: Christopher (the cat) and Ms. Parker (the bunny) often sleep together and play together. They also have their share of "bat-bat" encounters to liven it up!
Holly: Adina (kitty) and Rosina (bunny). They were the best of friends for all the time they lived together. When Rosina passed away, Adina was the most heartbroken.
From Laura: Photo of Opal Bunny (now across the Bridge) and Mr. Aristotle the Feline. Opal used to terrorize all 20+ pounds of him, chasing him around the apartment. But sometimes we would find them cuddled together :)
Janet: Larragan & Xanadu generally hang out together like this in the evenings. I have 2 buns who live free-range in our kitchen, and 2 who live free-range in our dining room. Our 3 cats move freely through both areas. At the moment as I'm typing another of my cats is hanging out in our dining room bunnies' hidey spot while they are lying on the rug in front of him. 
From Tanya.
From Nancy: Cookie requests AND receives regular grooming from Willy.

From Kellie McClure: Butters is a three year old flemish giant and Starbuck is a six month old tortoise shell kitten recently adopted off the streets. They got along great from day one. This kitten loves his new bunny friend (and home) so much!

From Nancy: Cricket and Ollie both came to us as babies and loved hanging out together. Cricket has since been adopted, but Ollie has plenty of other buns to love.
Here are some stories shared on Facebook:

Holly: My kitty loved my bunny. They were best friends from day 1. The kitty has been an indoor kitty her whole life, and was happy to enter a family that came with a fuzzy, floppy-eared playmate when I first took her home. When the bunny passed away, the kitty was heartbroken. She missed her long time friend.

Amy: I have 5 cats and 2 rabbits and they ALL get along WONDERFULLY! In fact, the rabbits run the roost - not the cats. The rabbits keep the cats in line around here! ;) 3 male cats, 2 female cats, 1 male rabbit and 1 female rabbit. Everyone has been spayed/neutered except one male cat who has a heart murmur (we didn't want to put him under for the surgery b/c it's too risky with a heart condition). The un-neutered male cat is VERY gentle with the rabbits (and the other cats). There's nothing like watching them all play together and live in harmony like they do.

Benita: My 1st bunny was best friends with my cat. They took turns chasing each other & kept each other company. Currently, my rabbits keep a respectful distance from the cats (cats are scared of them, but the buns want to play), though they're all happy & comfortable relaxing together - sleeping peacefully together on the bed, just keeping about 2 feet apart. Seeing this makes my day!

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