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Hopper Hideaway
Hopper Hideaway
Hopper Hideaway
The Hopper Hideaway is a unique concept in small animal playhouses. The versatile design allows you to expand the Hideaway indefinitely in any configuration you'd like. In the basic configuration (as pictured above), two cardboard houses are joined by a tunnel in between. The houses have openings on all four sides in which additional tunnels can be inserted. The tunnels notch securely into the houses, and have a swinging door in the middle for more run-through fun.

The starter Hopper Hideaway set here includes two houses and one tunnel (as pictured aboved); you can purchase additional houses and tunnels separately to make a larger play toy for your furry friend. Make a long straight line down a hallway, a fort, or a maze through the bunny room. The only limitation is your imagination! See pictures below for some ideas.

  • Ships flat.
  • Houses: 14" square; openings are 9" x 8"
  • Tunnel: 18" long by 9" high x 8" deep
  • Total length as pictured: 46"

The Hopper Hideaway is shipped flat, and assembly takes just a few minutes. Below are pictures showing how the tunnel should be inserted into the houses, using the pre-punched notches (click images below for larger view).

We are not selling Cottontail Cottage and Hopper Hideaways directly. For a list of retailers see below. 

Critters Love Hopper Hideaway!
Jordan Swankoski created a very unique setup for Cora (Chinchilla, above) and Buddy (Florida White, below). A roof was built to enclose the top of the Hopper Hideaway Fort.
Here's Ginger's Bunny Nic hopping through his Hopper Hideaway.

San Diego House Rabbit Society

Hopper Hideaway
Hopper Hideaway

Cottontail Cottage
​Cottontail Cottages

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