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Orange County- Los Angeles Guinea Pigs

Warm your hearts and your homes. Adopt-a-rescued guinea pig!

Updated: 1/27/08

Although based out of OC, Orange County Cavy Haven has many adoptable guinea pigs in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles areas. We are 501(c)3 so any donations are tax-deductible.

Our website:

Always check your local animal shelters for guinea pigs. Many shelters do not advertise their small animals. Try to go in person if possible. The person answering the phone often doesn't know what is in the kennels.

Please email for help finding guinea pigs in shelters.

Interested in volunteering, fostering or want to make a tax-deductible donation or have a question about guinea pigs? Please email

Interested in saving a life and adopting a guinea pig or two? Please email or follow this link to see some of our adoptables:

Interested in ordering supplies like hay, pellets, shavings, a C&C cage, cozies or other guinea pig items? Please email (all proceeds go to the guinea pigs)

If you are unable to keep your guinea pigs and DID NOT adopt them through OC Cavy Haven on contract - please email for surrender counseling and advice on how to safely re-home them


Other Area Guinea Pig Rescues:

Amanda's rescue:

Rabbit rescues who occassionally have guinea pigs for adoption:

Angela's rescue:

The Bunny Bunch:


GUINEA PIG HOUSING, visit .  Please remember, bigger is always better!

Looking to re-home your guinea pig(s)?

The animal shelters are overcrowded and they DO euthanize guinea pigs. If you absolutely cannot keep your guinea pig(s), try to find a friend or someone to temporarily foster your guinea pig(s) until you can find a new suitable home.

If you know you are moving, or cannot keep them - give yourself enough time to find a new home. This can take months so do not wait until the last minute.

See these websites for tips on rehoming your guinea pig on your own: ,, and/or email to list your guinea pigs on our private adoptions list. We refer potential homes here. A volunteer will answer your email and counsel you on your options.

If all else fails and you must take them to the shelter, please do NOT leave them outside the shelter or turn them in as strays.  This means they are not able to be adopted for several days and increases the chances of them becoming ill and being euthanized. Shelters can and will euthanize them upon their availability date instead of putting them up for adoption if they are 'strays.' Please tell the shelter staff the ages of the animals, their names, and the sex.

Be sure to get a receipt and impound # for each guinea pig to ensure that they are booked in correctly.

Special care info:

Have Allergies?

Guinea pigs biting or fighting? /




Setting them "free outdoors" is animal abandonment, clear and simple, which carries a fine of $1000 per count, and possible jail time. It is also a guaranteed death sentence as they do not survive and suffer horribly.

What happens to unwanted guinea pigs?

HELP Homeless Guinea Pigs

All of the cavies below are just a few of the many languishing in the shelters. Most are kept out of public view and forgotten.

Please contact if you are interested in adopting a homeless guinea pig or two, or if you can help in any way.

See: for ways on how to help, including volunteering or fostering

San Diego House Rabbit Society

Hopper Hideaway
Hopper Hideaway

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​Cottontail Cottages

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