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It is HIGHLY recommended that you house your new rabbit indoors. Rabbits are prey animals and San Diego County is home to many predator animals such as hawks, owls, coyotes, raccoons, foxes and bob cats, all of which kill small animals left outside (even rabbits kept in a cage or hutch). Wet or hot weather and parasites such as fleas, flies, and mosquitoes also can be deadly to rabbits. You can easily house your rabbit indoors and make him a part of your family.  He will live a much longer and healthier life, and you will enjoy him so much more.  Learn more about housing your bunny indoors. Indoor Bunny Housing  

Updated: 7/29/2017

Rabbits shown below have been rescued, independently, by individuals who have provided the rabbits with a safe haven, proper care, spay/neuter and medical attention.  Though they cannot keep the bunnies, these individuals have taken every step to ensure they have gotten the proper care and now they are seeking new, loving homes for the rabbits they have rescued.  To learn more about any of these bunnies, use the contact information provided in each listing.  An adoption interview and fee will be required.

Please note: Including a rescue group or independent rescue volunteer in this site does not imply that Cats & Rabbits & More or any other group on this website endorses or is even familiar with the operating policies of the rescue groups or individuals involved. We intend only to make specialized resources known throughout the rescue world.

San Diego, CA: Samson (white) is a bunny who had a broken back but never lost the total use of his legs.  His back is now healed and he can still hop quite well but is a little wobbly on occasion. He has no trouble getting in and out of any height litter box.  Sunshine (dutch) is a VERY SWEET little girl.  She has cataracts but can still see quite well and has no other issues.  I bonded them a couple of months ago and they're very happy together.  Both have good eating habits.  Sunshine is very good with her litter box and so is Samson but he likes to dig it out sometimes.  They are both very friendly and inquisitive. They have been spayed and neutered and are healthy. Contact for more information. 


San Diego House Rabbit Society

Hopper Hideaway
Hopper Hideaway

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