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(From my friends on Facebook)
  • Their grocery bill is higher than yours and every cardboard box you encounter is analyzed for it's 'bunny appropriateness'
  • Your (human) baby thinks bunny poop is the best treat
  • You don't think twice when things end up with chew holes
  • When people think of rabbits you immediately come to mind
  • You know what your rabbit is thinking by the tilt of their head, their ears, etc. even when others think they're just sitting there
  • Every flower and every twig is considered for other uses as you walk in the forest
  • You find a bunny poop in your dressing gown pocket and you are in hospital
  • You go on and on about how beautiful the Romaine lettuce was at the grocery store
  • You thump when you're angry
  • You become obsessed with poop
  • You go to the produce store and buy absolutely nothing for yourself, only for the rabbits
  • You find bunny fur stuck to the nose bridge of your eyeglasses
  • You catch yourself saying "everybun" or "everybunny" in everyday conversations
  • You have 3 cans of pumpkin in the pantry at all times, just in case
  • You know what a NIC condo is & have probably built one
  • You happily harvest the dandelions growing in your yard
  • You have an account on Bunspace & frequently give other bunnies "cawwots"
  • You have hay EVERYWHERE
  • You have hay in your washer/dryer and have to pick off tiny pieces from your clothing while at work
  • You own at least 2 vacuum cleaners for the sole purpose of sucking-up hay and poops
  • You wake up to two foster babies fighting in an enclosure that's not theirs and the rightful occupant of the enclosure is halfway across the room watching them fight
  • Your rabbit looks at you, wanting to be fed, and you actually hear a voice coming from him in your head saying, " Get off your lazy rear end and FEED ME NOW!" ...and he sounds like a NYC cabbie
  • You get mad that the green beans at Kroger look yucky cuz those are the kids' favorites
  • Your bunnies receive over 30 Christmas cards and lots of treats and presents and you receive 1 card
  • You make a special trip to the store just to get bananas
  • You wear your nibbled clothing like a badge of honor
  • Your ceiling fan stops running because of the accumulation of bunny fur so you just buy a new one and start all over again
  • The smell of fresh hay makes you think of home and your sweet-faced little angels (who toss it all over the house)
  • You have strategically placed gates and xpens throughout your house that you consistently trip over
  • You ask for a special vacuum for Christmas just for the hay
  • You haven't met most of your Facebook friends in person, but because you both have rabbits, you're instant friends
  • Your bunnies have more Bunspace friends than you have Facebook friends
  • Your only form of exercise is jumping bunny gates and you look fantastic
  • You have at least two vacuum cleaners (dust buster, upright, canister, etc.) and you always have electrical tape on hand
  • The person at the desk at the vets freaks out over their 500 dollar vet bill, and you just snicker 'cause you know that's just small change
  • You are more upset that you missed the urine specimin than you are that you have to change your outfit
  • All your sheets have nibbles in them
  • Half your bedroom isn't yours; the other half has a NIC condo and x-pen
  • The TV reception goes out because the antenna cable was chewed off
  • You talk about your bunny memories as often or more than you talk about other family memories
  • It dawns on you that they are actually training you, instead of you training them
  • You have to buy computer mice in six-packs because "something" keeps happening to the cords
  • You find a poop in your bra and your heart gets all squishy and you say, "Oh, Rufie"
  • Your drink has a piece of parsley in the bottom of it
  • You have a piece of leftover carrot in your purse
  • You find bunny hair in your homemade salad you brough for lunch at work
  • An old flame from college finds you on Facebook, and sends you this message along with the friend request: "Not sure what prompted me to look you up but when I saw the rabbits I knew it was you!"
  • You forgo the ownership of the $500 Dyson for the $50 shop vac 'cause the shop vac just sucks that hay up better
  • You buy adult "pee" pads (and don't blush while doing it) so your bunny can snuggle in bed with you
  • You buy a more expensive rug for the bunny play area than you buy for any other room in your house
  • You find you self saying "Don't talk to me like that young man" to a rabbit..and thump back at them if they thump
  • You have 5 or 6 buns or more -and you can tell whose poops are whose
  • You call your vet's office and just say "Hi" to whoever answers the phone -and they know who it is
  • Your vet drives a new Lexus and you drive a 10 year old Ford
  • You ask for towels for Christmas and your birthday - not for you, but for the bunnies
  • Everyone at the grocery store thinks you eat so healthy because half your order is greens
  • When you meet another bunny person it's like a gift
  • You relegate your lifelong hobby activity to the unheated garage so the rabbits can enjoy all the floorspace in your study. Next weekend you hock your (former) hobby gear at a yard sale and use the proceeds for bunny toys, prime hay, maybe a vet bill
  • You make the master bedroom the "bunny room" and take the guest room yourself
  • You compare the size of your swollen gland with that of a rabbit's, um, private parts, before the big snip
  • You have to use tweezers to get the rabbit fur out of your computer mouse so the wheel will work
  • You shop at Trader Joe's for their food, and the discount grocery store for yours
  • You stop wearing makeup so that they can kiss your face without getting sick
  • You greet them before the other members of your family, using endearments, of course
  • You ask for a doggy bag to take home the kale
  • Everything you eat or drink has fur in it, and you don't mind
  • You buy lint rollers by the case, and keep them in every room, your car, purse, at work, etc.
  • The person at the desk at the vets freaks out over their 500 dollar vet bill, and you just snicker 'cause you know that's just small change
  • When purchasing greens and fruit, you no longer think of fruit and greens in terms of what "I" like to eat, more so in terms of what "they" like. (They = buns)
  • You think stepping over baby gates, xpens and other obstacles just to use the computer is completely normal.
  • When asked to do laundry you have to ask, "Which type: bunny or human?"

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Hopper Hideaway
Hopper Hideaway

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