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(From my friends on the Disabled Rabbits list)
  • You replace your kitchen faucet for one with a pull out spray attachment because it looked perfect for giving "butt baths"
  • Your linen closet is devoted almost entirely to fleece and towels for the bunnies
  • You buy cornstarch in bulk
  • You plan a "spa day", but it's for your bunny
  • You shop in the infant department even though you don't have any human children
  • Your kitchen cupboard and refrigerator door both resemble a pharmacy
  • You can recite from memory the names, dosage and proper usage of all of those medications
  • All of the bowls in the sink have hard green stuff (Critical Care) stuck to them
  • Your blind/deaf bunny gets excited because he can smell Critical Care when you walk through the door
  • You're dead tired the next day because you stayed up all night researching E Cuniculi on the internet til 3:00 a.m
  • You never go on vacation because even the best bunny sitter in the world can't care for your rabbit as well as you do
  • Your rabbit has a papasan in every room...and you have a video baby monitor on her night table, in the kitchen and office so you can keep an eye on her no matter what you're doing
  • Your boyfriend is accustomed to spending the evenings alone on the couch while you spend hours medicating, syringe feeding, bladder expressing, massaging, tummy rubbing, ear cleaning and generally fussing over your little one
  • Your bunny has more bath towels than you do
  • You do 6 loads of washing a week and 5 of them are bunny towels
  • You dont have any grandchildren but you are buying tiny diapers
  • You just buy the bolt of sherpa fleece at the fabric store instead of having them measure out a yard or two
  • You "forget" YOUR meds a day here and there but you never forget theirs
  • You safety-proof your house for them more than you ever did for your child(ren)
  • You clear your whole day's schedule when a bun doesn't look right, but your husband will be fine alone with H1N1
  • You use a chef's knife to cut pills because pill-cutters don't work well with volume
  • You stock up on supplies at the drugstore and it looks like every human in your household must be injured
  • You take in another special-needs rabbit and you don't have to stop anywhere for any supplies or meds before you pick them up
  • You have a credit card just for the vet
  • Everyone at the vet's office knows your rabbit (but not necessarily you)
  • You have a nice sofa, but spend every night sitting cross-legged on the floor until you can't feel your feet
  • You've done four loads of bunny laundry in the last two days, but you're wearing a bathing suit because you are out of underwear
  • You have company over and they ask if you are running a rabbit hospital because the spare bathroom is complete with IV poles, gauze, meds, needles, syringes, towels, clippers, scissors everything ready to roll when need be
  • You are looked at with TOTAL shock and suspicion by visitors, when they see needles and syringes on the kitchen counter and no matter HOW many times you tell them it's for a bunny, they say "Oh" as if they understand, but the look on their face says "Hmmm, who's the junkie trying to kid"
  • Your bunny has a pharmacy account in her name
  • Your vet's office keeps your foster records in a binder
  • You walk into the vet's office with your dog and they do not recognize you, but you walk in with a carrier and immediately they pull out the binder
  • The center island in your kitchen has been replaced with the same kind of exam table your vet has
  • You get that nagging feeling you've forgotten something if you try to leave the house wearing a shirt without a urine or cecal stain on it
  • You serve dinner.. in 35ML syringes
  • Your friends invite you out you have to check your calendar -to make sure it won't interfere with the feeding and medication schedule
  • You are known by list people/the vet's office/the bunny boarding folks as "(insert bunny name here)'s Mom"
  • Your husband doesn't blink when you say you're getting your sleeping bag to nap on the floor in the bunny room so you can monitor some-bun
  • You don't have a child but when a discussion at work breaks out on diaper rash creams/ointments you chime right in
  • You are changing FULL bunnie diapies and coming up with new smelly poopie songs and daddy sings these to her when he thinks you're not in ear shot
  • You laugh and laugh when as soon as you take the full diaper off she pees all over the sink, counter, mirror and you just laugh...then you clean it up and she does it again
  • The full diaper goes 'thud' in the trash can so loud you can hear it downstairs
  • Cleaning poop from under your nails is just part of your daily routine
  • You've been buying newborn diapers for almost a year and the checkers look at you weird
  • You see and feel their gusto for life despite their not being able to get around anymore, and you make the commitment to be there for them for the long haul
  • People can't believe your rabbit is actually happy living like that when in fact they are very happy
  • You let your rabbit have desert (blueberry baby food) before the main dish

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Hopper Hideaway
Hopper Hideaway

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​Cottontail Cottages

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